Travis Pastrana

Why It’s Important To Stay Functional Travis started off his motorsports career by winning three motocross racing championships by his early 20s. Since then, he has never stopped pushing the envelope. He tells us that both his greatest asset and his greatest weakness has always been one thing: overconfidence. He has been willing to take the chance, which has clearly set him apart from the rest, but that isn’t to say it has come without consequence.

Pastrana has had 35 surgeries to date and is 36 years old now. What may seem ridiculous to us, is actually a success to him. This year he surpassed his number of surgeries in age and wants to keep that momentum going. For Travis, “It’s a matter of staying functional enough to get out of bed, to sleep through the night, and to simply live as a functional human being.” It goes beyond being an athlete, and is about finding the solution to the worst pains and sleepless nights, and building the basic foundations for a happy life.

"As an athlete, there’s so many benefits to CBD"

Pastrana’s journey to finding that solution has been a long one. From opiates, sleeping pills, to a constant stream of Advils to get through the night, he has seen first-hand the negative effects that living a life like that can have on someone. It becomes more than just the body that suffers, but the state of one’s mental health that becomes most serious.

The Daily Capsules Are So Easy To Use

Pastrana recognizes the interconnectedness of injury, sleep, and mental health. He found that CBD was able to conquer both, not as a miracle cure-all solution, but something that could actually reduce swelling, ease pain, and provide that essential sleep the body and mind craves.

While this brand is athlete-founded, Pastrana’s goal is much more broad. This is for family and friends, for those whose job’s leave their bodies sore, for those who can’t sleep, and for those whose pain prevents them from being who they want to be. Pastrana stands behind our brand because of its results, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.