Paul Rodriguez

Skateboarding Makes Me Feel Like A Kid

Just Live presents one of our four founding athletes: Paul Rodriguez. Paul is a professional skateboarder and has won countless major events and titles throughout his career. His first competitive win came at the 2014 X-Games when he took Gold in the street event and things pretty much snowballed from there.

That said, we know with skateboarding, comes a lot of high-impact blows which can change an athlete's life in an instant. Paul had his first major injury while skating a stair set a few years back. His right leg went the opposite way from his body which left him with a torn ACL, torn right and left meniscus and a tear in his MCL.

After undergoing surgery, Paul went into his recovery process in order to get back onto his board as soon as possible. He knew the downfall of what prescription pills bring, so he took the high road of cutting them out after one round from his doctor and chose to switch over to a product all his friends in the industry were raving about: CBD. He used it consistently and was ecstatic with the results as he started physical therapy and training. It's now a regular part of his daily wellness program.

"I have lived through the results of CBD"

His recovery process gave Paul a new light on how he wanted to take care of his mind and body moving forward. He put in the time and did quite a bit of research which led Paul to a few major life changes including going completely plant based as well as incorporating CBD into his daily wellness program. Paul’s wellness program now includes working out on a regular basis, skating as much as possible and giving himself ample time to recover and incorporating Just Live CBD. The anti-inflammatory properties that Just Live CBD delivers are what Paul looks forward to most after a long day of training or skating because he’s found it helps not only the pain he’s in at the moment but it also helps his overall recovery process for the remainder of the day.

It’s A Part Of My Lifestyle

Paul typically likes to have the Freeze Roll-On in his backpack for post-skateboarding sessions. The reason being is simple... it's convenient, easy to use and helps combat the inflammation and pain on the spot. "If you had access to something that will help prolong your well-being, why wouldn't you use it?"