Klay Thompson


For Thompson, performance goes beyond ability and is found through nurturing a lifestyle that allows for it. Thompson tells us that if you want to perform at your best, you need to find what works for you. To compete in 100 games a year, to travel and train tirelessly, a high level of stress plays a prominent role in Thompson’s life. For him, this means strengthening his mental game as well and his physical.

The uniqueness of Thompson is the significance he places on sleep into his daily regimen. He recognizes that sleep is his best defense against stress and injury prevention. For him, getting a good night’s sleep in a natural way is key in keeping both his mind and body sharp. It’s a balance of knowing that you can do it, and that your body can too.

"If you want to be the absolute best, you have to bring it every game"

Thompson wants to be able to turn 40 and still be able to do the things he loves. For him, this means taking the necessary precautions to staying healthy. CBD will be a able to provide a reliable source of pain relief and muscle recovery, that Thompson can rely on. Both with pushing himself doing what he loves, and with a confidence in his ability to continue to do so.


Praised by fans and athletes for his “rare endurance”, Thompson looks toward his future with a trust in our Just Live products, both in his ability to perform on the court, and live the life he wants to off the court as well.