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Formulated for optimal absorption, recovery, and inflammatory health.

75% of Americans are Chronically Dehydrated.

As little as 2% dehydration can lead to a noticeable decline in physical performance, including reduced endurance, muscle strength, reaction time, and balance in athletes.

It is reported that mild dehydration, corresponding to 1-2% body mass loss, can impair cognitive function, including attention, focus, and working memory.

1100mg Electrolytes

Replenishes and Hydrates

50mg Magnesium

Calms Jitters


Counteracts the Affects of Alcohol

B Vitamins

Boosts Mood and Energy

Tart Cherry Extract

Reduces the Severity of Hangover Symptoms

Why Tart Cherry Extract?

Supported by a myriad of research studies, tart cherry extract is not just rich in antioxidants, but it's also known to support sports recovery, joint health, and combat Inflammation.

Our Tart Cherry Extract, CherryPURE® is produced from the phytonutrient rich skins of Montmorency tart cherries and can be traced to the orchards surrounding Traverse City, Michigan.

Available in Three Delicious Flavors