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Vitamin C CBD Gummies

A mouth-watering burst of citrus orange overtakes your senses and delivers an effective blend of vitamins and cannabinoids aimed at reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, and promoting the essential functions of your body’s repair machinery, so you can Just Live unencumbered.

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CBD Vegan Softgels

Those who use CBD for specific medicinal purposes will have a much simpler time measuring out their daily needs and our Vegan Softgel provides all the benefits of our CBD isolate and are sensitive to dietary restriction concerns.

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Deep Sleep Softgels

Just Live’s CBD pre-bedtime capsule is engineered to promote a deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Our combination of CBD and Melatonin may be just what you need to wake up ready to take on whatever challenges are put in front of you.

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Wellness Kit


Why it Works

Overall wellness is achieved not just through what you do while you’re awake, but also through what your body does while you sleep. Just because your days are physically and mentally active doesn’t mean that your nights have to be. When taken as suggested, the Wellness Kit works around the clock to ensure better days and nights.

The Vitamin C Gummies are a deliciously orange-flavored combination of Vitamin C and active cannabinoids that work in harmony to maintain immunity, a sense of calm, and skin health.

The CBD Vegan Softgels deliver precisely dosed, high potency CBD isolate aimed at sustaining a natural sleep cycle and providing physical relief associated with normal daily exercise and activity.

The Deep Sleep Softgels are infused with Melatonin and engineered to promote a deep, uninterrupted slumber until it’s time to wake up and unleash your full potential tomorrow.

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