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Broad Spectrum Mint Drops – 300mg

Our Original strength Broad Spectrum blend of active cannabinoids in a concentrated, all-natural tincture. Whether taken orally, or as a drink supplement, our mint flavored tincture offers the opportunity for fast acting relief from issues associated with normal daily exercise and activity.

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Freeze Therapy Roll-On – 300mg

Just Live’s FREEZE ROLL ON combines the cooling sensation of menthol, with our pure, all-natural CBD. This light, non- greasy topical eases muscle soreness and maximizes the potential for recovery with our Broad Spectrum formula.

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CBD Vegan Softgels

Those who use CBD for specific medicinal purposes will have a much simpler time measuring out their daily needs and our Vegan Softgel provides all the benefits of our CBD isolate and are sensitive to dietary restriction concerns.

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Deep Sleep Softgels

Just Live’s CBD pre-bedtime capsule is engineered to promote a deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Our combination of CBD and Melatonin may be just what you need to wake up ready to take on whatever challenges are put in front of you.

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Starter Kit


Why it Works

Athlete Founded, Nature Grounded. Just Live was founded as a result of professional athletes seeking to optimize their performance and accelerate their recovery in an all natural way. What these world class athletes found was remarkable: an opioid-free, all natural recovery alternative. It has elevated their game. It has elevated their lives. The Starter Kit contains all the elements to elevate your life so you can Just Live.

The synergy of active cannabinoids in our Broad Spectrum Mint Drops helps amplify the therapeutic effects of CBD by taking advantage of the Entourage Effect. Users have reported an increased sense of calm and overall health & wellness as a result of daily use of these delicious, high-strength mint drops.

The Freeze Therapy Roll On is a non-greasy topical that provides instant cooling relief to sore muscles while maximizing your potential for recovery with our Broad Spectrum CBD formula.

The CBD Vegan Softgels deliver precisely dosed, high potency CBD isolate aimed at sustaining a natural sleep cycle and providing physical relief associated with normal daily exercise and activity.

The Deep Sleep Softgels are infused with Melatonin and engineered to promote a deep, uninterrupted slumber until it’s time to wake up and unleash your full potential tomorrow.

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