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Freeze Therapy Roll-On – 300mg

Just Live’s FREEZE ROLL ON combines the cooling sensation of menthol, with our pure, all-natural CBD. This light, non- greasy topical eases muscle soreness and maximizes the potential for recovery with our Broad Spectrum formula.

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Pre Workout Capsules

Just Live’s Pre Workout CBD capsules can help boost energy levels and sharpen mental awareness for increased endurance in sport. Our blend of all-natural ingredients such as green tea extract, BCAA’s, amino acids, and Black Garlic Extract, help CBD holistically promote overall wellness and energy that is sustained throughout a workout.

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Post Workout Capsules

CBD isolate in combination with our performance blends of BCAA’s, amino acids, and essential extracts intended for post workout use. Athletes can feel confident knowing that a quick road to recovery may be just what they need to stay competitive and continue to strive for excellence.

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Performance Kit


Why it Works

You take a relentless approach to your workouts because competition is ingrained in your DNA. The Performance Kit is designed to be with you before, during and after your workouts — helping boost & maintain your energy, find your focus, ease your soreness and accelerate your recovery.

The Pre Workout Capsules aim to sharpen your awareness and increase your endurance while keeping you focused.

The Freeze Therapy Roll On is a non-greasy topical that provides instant cooling relief to sore muscles while maximizing your potential for recovery with our Broad Spectrum CBD formula.

The Post Workout Capsules use a combination of CBD isolate and a diverse blend of amino acids and essential extracts to promote rest, relaxation and recovery.

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